We Moved into a New Home!!!!

Our New Home

We moved into a new home in April!!!!

That’s why I haven’t blogged in a few months since February actually

Here is the scoop!!

We have been quietly searching for a new home for a while. Here was our must haves

  • property so I could put a warehouse for my staging furniture and so I could receive and house client goods.
  • we wanted to be out of town but not to far out
  • a bigger master suite
  • we wanted to be able to see out, we wanted more windows
  • a front porch
  • an open concept
  • all the living space on a single floor
  • a bigger laundry room and a mud room
  • an office for me
  • we didn’t want more square footage, we felt like we had enough at just under 3000sf we just wanted it arranged differently.

The back story

We were staging a home that was for sell and we started taking about the things we wanted if we ever bought a new home, we listed the above mentioned things and just kind of left it there and didn’t talk much more about it.

The next week I was taking our daughter to her friends house and that’s when I saw it!! A for sell sign on a very promising property. So I called Danny and we decided to go look at it, I called our realtor and we went to see what could have been our new home… It didn’t check all the boxes, It really only checked 3 it was a bit out of town, but not to far, it had a huge shop on it, it would have been perfect for my business and it had and office for me, other than that it was pretty disappointing. I didn’t like the house or the floor plan. So this home didn’t pan out, but God had other plans for us.

Over the next several Months we looked at a handful of homes and they just weren’t right. We stayed optimistic and we weren’t going to settle, because we didn’t have to move.

The Dream House

January 25th we looked at a new construction home our realtor said it was about 80 percent done and there were a few finishes we could choose….(originally Danny did not want to build, I’ve always thought it would be a fascinating challenge for me, but I think it was too overwhelming for him, so right off the bat this home was a great compromise for us.)

I walked into the mudroom/ laundry room and knew this was our home, Danny turned the corner into the great room and saw the view and knew it was our home.

January 27th we signed papers

March 31st we did our final walk through

Monday April 5th we Closed!!!

Monday April 5th We Moved into our new home

A Hard Goodbye

We said Goodbye to a home that served our family well for 12.5 years. We have sooo many happy memories in that home. So many firsts as a family, Luci was 6 moths old when we moved in. Luci learned to crawl, walk, run, ride a bike, dance, play soccer, basketball and snowboard. She learned to talk, sing and read. Luci got and lost all of her teeth and had braces, glasses and contacts. She had her first sleep over. Her first Christmas and accepted Jesus into her heart while we lived in this home. We had countless parties, dinners and holiday celebrations. We had so many smiles and tears in this home.

Perhaps the hardest thing to leave is our neighbors we will miss our neighbors terribly.

  • They were the kind of folks that you could run over to their home on a Sunday morning in your PJS and ask for a couple of eggs or a cup of sugar.
  • She would tell you if your garage door was open at 9:00 at night.
  • They would pick up your packages off the step.
  • Cheered for you when you got a new car or your kids got an award.
  • They would buy cookie dough, popcorn or raffle tickets, whatever the kids were selling for the current fundraiser.
  • He would help you move heavy things for the millionth time.
  • He would with electric issues.
  • She was listening ear and a hug in the middle of the street if you needed it.
  • They were the kind of neighbors that would literally pick you up if you fell in your drive way and hit your head on your car. (story for another time)

Our Family will always remember how blessed we were by these wonderful people. We were truly blessed by our neighbors and will forever call them our friends. We pray God Blesses them richly.

A New Chapter

We busted our rears to get moved into our new home 4 days before I left to go to the Las Vegas for Market. I was home for 2 days and turned around and went to Idaho for a soccer tournament. It was a blurr. We have been in our home for nearly 2 months and we are fairly settled. Our walls are still bare in most of the house, I want to take my time and decorate well, my style is changing from farmhouse to transitional. I’m loving the change. Here are a few photos that we have so far. This will be a long and slow decorating process and I’m ok with that. I want to make sure that while I’m changing our style It is done authentically and our home still tells our story.


  1. Melinda on July 13, 2021 at 1:02 pm

    LOVE it!!!! I cannot wait to come see it in person! Thanks for sharing your story and your progress along the way as you decorate and make so many new memories in your new home!

    • Iolanda Gillins on July 14, 2021 at 12:04 am

      Thank you so Much! I cant wait for you to come for a visit!

  2. Kathy on July 16, 2021 at 10:28 pm

    It looks beautiful and I am sure it will be even more so as you put your unique touches on it. Thanks for including a link for transitional design. 🙂

    • Iolanda Gillins on July 19, 2021 at 4:27 am

      Thank You!

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