Table Scapes & Seasonal Decor

Putting the magic back in your Seasonal and Holiday decorating.

Seasonal Decor

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I’m here to help you decorate for the seasons and holidays whether it’s your table or your entire home or somewhere in between, so you can stress less and enjoy them as they come.

Decorating for the Seasons or Holidays is so so fun and it certainly gets you in the spirit of whatever Season or Holiday your in at the moment. My Mom always had a way of making every Holiday and Season special and especially Christmas! I felt the love she poured into Christmas and every other season and holiday for that matter.

We can use the items you already have and/or buy new decor. There is a place for both. You can have a beautifully decorated home for the holidays on a budget.

Before we talk, think about:

  • What is your budget?
  • How many rooms do you want to decorate?
  • Are you purchasing anything new? Or are we using what you already have? Or both?
  • Date - When do you want it decorated?




Let's make your table look as pretty as your food tastes.

Some of my most favorite memories have been built around the dinner table. I want the same for you.

You can make memories around a table with paper plates and soda in a can, but when your table is set beautifully your guests will linger longer and make more memories,

There is just something special when you share a meal with your people and the hostess has put a bit of time and thought into decorating the table you will be at as you enjoy your meal and loved ones.

I bring all the decorations except the dishes, silverware, and glasses. These items must be available when I'm setting up the tablescape.

Before we talk, think about:

  • What is the holiday or occasion?
  • How many guests will you be serving?
  • Are you having  breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, supper, or hors d'oeuvres?
  • Is your meal going to be plated, buffet, or family style?
  • Do you want a separate kids table?
  • Any seasonal allergies to fresh flowers?
  • Do you have any special requests?

Iolanda did a wonderful job presenting options for a spring/Easter-themed tablescape. We love to entertain and I was looking for options for both a casual family brunch as well as a more formal, sit-down dinner. Using many items I already had and working with the colors of tablecloths already on hand, Iolanda transformed my dining table to a beautiful, welcoming place to gather and spend time with those we love. Iolanda is a fun, positive and creative professional who listens to her clients needs and wants and absolutely delivers. I highly recommend working with her for your decorating needs, no matter how great or small.

Katie N.

Elko, Nevada

After working with Iolanda for several years, we continue to be impressed with her innate eye for design and talent for re-envisioning humble spaces. We've had her decorate for special Thanksgiving and Christmas parties, and she completely transformed our home for a beautiful winter wedding.

Suzie P.

Elko, Nevada

Let's Get Your House Ready for the Season



Call or Email me. It costs you nothing to have a conversation with me about your project. On our call, you will tell me what you are looking for. 



I'll put together a plan to get it done. We'll set the date and I'll also review all of your personal items and how we can use those.



I'll head over to your space and either set your table beautifully or decorate your house to it's ready for the season or holiday.

Click the link below to connect and get started!

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Seasonal Decorating:

Client will be charged a $200.00 consultation fee at the time of signing an agreement to reserve an appointment. I charge $100.00 an hour.



I charge a flat rate of $500 dollars for up to 8 guests. For any guests above 8, there is a small $5.00 surcharge for each additional guest.

Got a question about Tablescapes or Seasonal Decor?

Yes, you provide the decor and we will decorate. If you are ready for new decor we can also go shopping for just the right touches.

No, it's not small, tree decorating is loads of fun!