Oh boy! You are moving on to another adventure, how exciting! But before the adventure begins you need to sell your home. In today’s real estate market staging your home is an absolute must. I will tell you why, its simple really, you want to sell it faster for more money right? To help get you there, hire a professional home staging company. Below are a list of reasons.

The advantages of hiring a professional home staging company

  1. Statistics show you will sell your home faster
  2. Statistics also prove you will sell your home for more money
  3. Avoid costly price reductions
  4. Get the attention of every buyer in your selling price range
  5. Buyers find it easier to visualize the property as their future home when its staged.
  6. Professional staging helps make your home worthy of the price your asking.
staging after
staging after
before staging picture of mattress in living room
staging before

Selling your home faster

If your home is staged before you even met with your realtor, by the time you meet with them it is all ready to list.

When the photographer comes to take pictures of your home it’s ready.

When the sale of your home goes live and that first picture is clicked on from a potential buyer it knocks their socks off.

A common mistake is that people don’t stage their homes before its listed. When you wait to professionally stage your home until after you meet with your realtor you’re wasting time. It also may take the staging company a few weeks to get to you depending on how busy they are.


Let me say it again, professional home staging always cost less than a price reduction. I see this mistake made by home owners and realtors all the time, and its such a missed opportunity. By having your home professionally staged you are putting thousands of dollars in your pocket. Here is an example, the home pictured above was listed prior to staging, it was listed in the top half of the market, it sat for months and they even reduced the price of the home by thousands and thousands of dollars. Eventually they called me and we got their historic home staged and sold!! Imagine how much money they could have kept in there pocket if they would have staged it before they listed it.

When a buyer goes shopping

they almost always start by shopping via the internet…you know the old saying a picture is worth a thousand words? Yeah it is!

So lets say Mr. and Mrs. Buyer decide its time to go house hunting on a Friday night with a glass of wine and their computer, they are looking for a 4 bedroom 3 bath with a yard for the kids to play with the dogs, boom they find one!! Oh my! Its in horrible shape and by the looks of the pictures it would take a ton of money to make it livable, oh and its at the top of their budget…moving on they mentally mark it off their list. Dang!!!!

Missed opportunity this continues to happen over the next few months. Imagine how many missed opportunities there are. So the sellers get frustrated and reduce the price of their home. There wasn’t anything wrong with the price it was the presentation all along.

Visualizing your home as their home

It is no secret that our homes are private and deeply personal. When you are selling your home we want to make it so every potential buyer can visualize themselves calling it there home. That means we have to make your home appeal to a vast variety of folks.

The Price is right!

When you are selling your home and its priced fairly, and it isn’t selling the problem is the presentation not the price. Presentation in KEY. You wouldn’t sell your car without detailing is first would you? Your home should be no different. A professional home stager will be able to help you with the presentation so your home is worthy of the price it is listed for.

Many types of staging

Professional home stagers have many options on how they can help you stage your home. It doesn’t always have to include furniture rental, sometimes it does, staging with furniture rental is ideal for vacant homes and perhaps larger homes that don’t have adequate furnishings.

Often it is just a simple conversation, a plan and a to-do, list. There are so many options in between the two I’ve just listed. For more information click on the link below.

If you are selling your home you can’t afford not to stage your home.

Home staging is for every home from the $100k to the multi million dollar home and everything in between.

seating area
after picture of a space that had too big of furniture in it .

This home was staged by me!

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