Interior Design

Let’s decorate your home or office so it tells YOUR  story and reflects who you are


Wasn't it a great feeling when you purchased your first home...and your second...maybe you are on your 3rd or 4th or even 10th home? You felt accomplished, excited and hopeful.

When you bought your home you finally had a space of your own, to make it feel like you. When you moved in, you were filled with hope, big ideas and you were so inspired by the life that was going to be lived in that space.

But now, you look around and see a great house with all the same old stuff, in the same spot it’s been since you moved in, and you have no idea how to make the space the relaxing, beautiful, extension of your personality you’d envisioned when you moved in.

Good thing you’re here because that’s my superpower...

No Job too big or small sounds like a cheesy television ad but it is really true. You might be ready to:

  • totally redesign your home complete with new flooring, cabinets, paint, or light fixtures
  • remodel the rooms in your home to make them more efficient and updated.
  • buy new furniture but you need some guidance
  • toss the old hand-me-downs you got for your first apartment and finally get things in your home that are really more your style

Maybe you love all of your stuff and you’re just tired of seeing it in the same place and need some fresh ideas for your home.

Maybe you are just starting out and need someone to bounce ideas off of.

Iolanda, Owner of Event & Decor Concepts, provides excellent interior design service.  This was our first time hiring an interior designer and we couldn’t be happier! Iolanda helped us completely remodel our outdated kitchen.  From flooring, to counter tops, window treatments and cabinets, lighting and paint colors; she provided a full design concept for us.  She patiently listened to our ideas and then put everything into a professional presentation with samples and presentation boards.  Her attention to detail was phenomenal and she did an amazing job of blending our existing furniture and décor with the new. During the remodel, she was available to help us when unexpected questions arose and also took the time to go to businesses with us and actually pick out the products.  Being local business owners, we really appreciated that Iolanda supported purchasing from local businesses whenever possible. We are almost done with our remodel and what we have is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, modern and custom kitchen. Iolanda was professional, attentive and made this huge renovation fun!   We highly recommend Event & Decor Concepts!

Michelle & Bernardo Sandoval

Elko, Nevada

Iolanda decorated my entry way, living room, kitchen and laundry room. She listened to my needs and the areas that weren’t working for our family. She had tons of solutions and ideas that made my home functional. She is professional and has a natural ability to make everything beautiful. She combined her decorating ideas with my style to make my house feel like a home. She has the most unique ideas to personalize any space.

Sarah Bitton

Elko, Nevada

Let 's Get Started on Your Dream Space



Call or Email me. It costs you nothing to have a conversation with me about your project. On our call, you will tell me what you are looking for. If we decide to take the next step and move forward, we will schedule a face to face consultation at the location of the project. 



During our consult, we'll meet in your space, and I'll ask you about:

  • the area of your home you want to start with
  • your lifestyle
  • your budget
  • your timeframe
  • how many people and pets live in your home


After the consult, I'll draw up a customized plan, we'll sign a contract and get started!

Click the link below to connect and get started!

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The first Consultation is $200.00.

Once we have a signed agreement that outlines the work I will be doing for you, I charge $135.00 an hour for my design fee.

I'm a furniture, art and lighting broker, which means I'm able to procure, unique and one of a kind items for you.

Sometimes I charge a flat rate. Pricing will be determined at our first consultation meeting.

For consultation only, I will give you ideas and you implement them yourself. This is a great option if you have some really great ideas of your own but need someone to bounce ideas off of for some reassurance and fine-tune your plan.

Got a question about Interior Design?

Nope! It’s actually more affordable than you might think, but the cost really depends on what you want and need. The first consult call is free, so reach out, and let's see how we can get you a space you love that's well within your budget. 

No, any size will do just fine.

We will start with a face to face consultation in the space you need help with. This allows me to see the space I will be working with and helps us get to know each other.. We will discuss your project in detail.

That’s ok! We take jobs of all sizes, Not all home projects are going to be big. And, it's actually a good way to start. You can do your home a room at a time!

We can absolutely help with a remodel, we can help with all the details of a full home remodel. We are not contractors, engineers or architects, so if your project calls for that kind of expertise we will be upfront and are happy to work with those professionals on your project. 

This is one of our favorite jobs! Giving a new life to your existing belongings can instantly refresh your home. 

Yes! We all need someone to bounce Ideas off of, we are happy to help you, this would be a consultation basis only.

We can help you come up with a plan and help you select the perfect furnishings for your space.

And, we can also help you with transitioning from one style to another. This can be hard to pull off and scary to even start. I will help you drill down your new style and help you find pieces that you will love for years to come.

Yes, repurposing rooms is something we handle all the time, It's a great idea to take a room that isn't being utilized and turn it into something that will get lots of use.