How to style a coffee bar

Series 1of 4 How to style a coffee bar?

Part 1 – A Christmas hot cocoa and coffee bar.

This is one of my favorite places to style in my home!

Steps on How to style a coffee bar

  • Clear every thing off so you have a clean slate to work with.
  • Start with a base, this can be a table runner or a decorative cutting board or a pretty platter, anything to anchor the space.
  • Next add the things that have a purpose other than purely decorative, such as your mugs, coffee pot, canisters etc. obviously you want this to have a practical use.
  • Then add your tall and large items that you want to use, here my items were the signs, lanterns, and olive basket, the G sign and candle sticks
  • Add your mid size items and Christmas décor. For mine I added trees a little camper and some festive canisters that hold marshmallows and chocolate stir sticks.
  • Fill in with your small items. ornaments, cream and sugar vessels and small signs.
  • Finish this look with a garland and floor décor I used a flocked tree in a galvanized bucket I got at Walmart last year.

Some of my very favorite items to decorate a Hot Cocoa Bar/ Coffee Bar for Christmas are.

  • trees
  • Christmas signs
  • festive mugs
  • lanterns
  • candle holders
  • festive dishes
  • ornaments
  • fun marshmallows, chocolate stir sticks and peppermint candy can add a fun and tasty element to a hot cocoa bar.
  • As you can see I mix my every day décor with my Christmas décor and this is so it can be festive and practical.

Leave a comment, I would love to hear how your coffee bar turned out.

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