Christmas Tablescape

Christmas Tablescape 2020 coming in hot! Neutral is the name of the game here.

I love sitting down to a beautiful table decorated for the season with people I love to enjoy food that is delicious.

Sitting down to a meal was always more than just sitting down to fill our bellies. Growing up it was the time we talked about our day, we made plans, we laughed, we cried, we dreamt.

You see when we were growing up, sitting down to a meal together was sometimes the only time we talked to each other. I grew up on a ranch and there was always a lot of work to do and so we were busy working which didn’t leave a lot of time to visit with each other.

Looking back now as an adult, I have great memories of the dining table. 3 meals a day. There were 2 restaurants in the tiny town I lived in, but we never ate out.

My absolute favorite meals were Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. My Mom would cook for days and make sure she cooked all of our favorites. She would set a gorgeous table, usually with a table cloth from Italy. She would use her china and add a beautiful centerpiece, she was careful not to put to much on the table, so we could still have all the food on the table and not have to do buffet style, like I do today.

While we sat for every meal these 3 meals were very special….She cooked for days and we sat at the table for what seemed like for hours. On these days we weren’t in a hurry, we slowed down and tasted everything. We ate slowly and we enjoyed ourselves and each other.

1 Corinthians 10:31

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

We prayed before every single meal, we gave thanks for our food we were about to receive. My dad would say the blessing and we always thanked God for the food we were about to receive and may it strengthen and nourish our body’s.

I can remember savoring all the delicious food my mom had prepared and watching my Dad savor and truly enjoy the food that was before him.

Have you ever watched someone enjoy a meal? Its comforting and its special. My dad was a kid in Italy during the depression and starving, he would steal fruit off the fruit trees to survive. I knew he was very thankful for each meal and he never took something as simple as a meal for granted.

I grew up around the dinner table, we made memories to last a life time and I learned so much around that table. So I guess that is why I love setting our table so much, especially during the holidays, I hope Luci has as fond of memories as I do when she grows up.

Now on to our Christmas Tablescape.

Gather your Items

  • table runner
  • base -in this case it’s the branch this would work or you could cut a fresh one off your tree. I got mine at Marshalls last year
  • filler -I bought a swag from Real Deals
  • ornaments
  • candle sticks
  • moss or greenery balls
  • old accessories- soda bottles or old cans would work
  • chargers
  • plates
  • a bag of moss
  • pretty cloth napkins
  • napkin rings
  • glasses
  • flatware
  • crackers– the tube of fun, not the food
  • You can use whatever color scheme you want in this case I kept it very neutral.

Now start building your Tablescape

  1. place your table runner
  2. now your branch
  3. next comes your filler/swag
  4. add height candle sticks & bottles
  5. then add your ornaments and moss balls and greenery balls
  6. now place your chargers
  7. flatware comes next
  8. glasses
  9. add your moss to 1/4 of your charger
  10. top the moss with the plate
  11. roll up your napkin on the diagonal
  12. put the napkin through the napkin ring
  13. place the napkin ring on your plate
  14. finish with your cracker

And there you have it a Christmas Tablescape

Enjoy your Meal—-Buon Appetito

I hope you Have a memory making meal at Christmas. Slow down and enjoy yourself, your family, your friends, and your meal. And Savor every last Bite.

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