budget laundry room makeover

small laundry room BIG storage

before…no storage and no style

I hated our laundry room, because it is a small pass through from our garage to our kitchen, clear on the other side of the house from the bedrooms, which I hate, it so inconvenient, I mean why do builders do that? Any how we have lived in our home for 12 years and it was time to spruce it up and figure out some good storage options and give it a little bit of style and love. This is our budget laundry room makeover.

Where we started

Luckily our previous washer had dyed. we had a front loader and I wasn’t crazy about it anyway. It had broken a couple of times and we had it fixed but the last time was the final straw. I couldn’t go to the launder-mat so my husband went for the very first time and last time ever LOL. We had to run our dryer cycle 3 times before our clothes were dry. So this all started because we needed to replace our washer and dryer.

My wish list

  • storage
  • shelving for the pretty things
  • statement feature
  • new light
  • hooks for coats and such
  • new rug
  • something to hang clothes up for the things I don’t dry

Step 1. Storage

I looked on Pintrest to find inspo pics if you are interested what I looked at you can go see https://www.pinterest.com/iolandagillins/laundry-room-decor/ and also here https://www.pinterest.com/iolanda/laundry-room/ I knew I wanted storage and I wanted cabinets hanging on the wall so I could tuck the our pet supplies away and our laundry soap and such, I also needed a place to put our cleaning towels and kitchen towels. There is also so much wasted space between the washer and dryer I didn’t want a fixed cabinet between the W&D, in case we needed to get behind there, so Ryan my friend and handyman and put rollers on the bottom of a slender lower cabinet so we couldd roll it out and the rollers we hidden because of the toe kick. He finished it off with a 12X1 shelf on the top. This little invention is so handy and the perfect size.

Step 2. Shelving

I wanted a shelf that ran across the back side of the washer and dryer, because again there is a ton of wasted space back there, so I thought it would be a perfect place for some pretties. We just used the white MDF that we already had. We mounted a shelf between the 2 cabinets, again to put pretty things. This shelf matches the top of the rolling cabinet.

Step 3. Statement feature

This laundry room needed pizzazz!! I decided on wallpaper and knew I wanted color, it was going to be a small amount and wanted it to pull the blue from the kitchen cabinets. If you are looking for wallpaper look here https://www.wayfair.com/keyword.php?keyword=wallpaper&command=dosearch&new_keyword_search=true&class_id=&experiencetype=2&selectedvertical=2

wallpaper, new light and a place to dry my clothes

Step 4. New light

You guest it folks…I just had to replace the boob light! So I went with this one https://www.wayfair.com/lighting/pdp/breakwater-bay-derrick-1-light-11-lantern-geometric-semi-flush-mount-w000016260.html?piid=1833232651&experiencetype=2&selectedvertical=2

Also really liked this one https://www.wayfair.com/lighting/pdp/wrought-studio-wason-1-light-10-simple-cone-semi-flush-mount-vark6603.html?piid=28765582&experiencetype=2&selectedvertical=2 I had to scrub the dust ring off my ceiling that the old boob light left but the Mr. Cleans magic eraser helped with that.

Step 5. Hooks

Because, we don’t have anywhere to hang coats when we come in from the garage, so I ordered these hooks from amazonhttps://smile.amazon.com/Entryway-Mounted-Included-Industrial-Farmhouse/dp/B07DNBM435/ref=sr_1_9?crid=29P6HJZ6MIW8W&dchild=1&keywords=wall+hooks&qid=1593459925&refinements=p_85%3A2470955011&rnid=2470954011&rps=1&sprefix=wall+hooks&sr=8-9 We hung all 10 up on the left wall as you come into the house. So we did 2 rows of 5 and its perfect for what we need and we have a few empty hooks so that’s good.

Step 6. new rug

Oh boy did we need a new rug, the one that was in there was old, tired, and beige, non of what we wanted in the laundry room. I wanted something with lots of color and that what I got. Here she is https://www.wayfair.com/rugs/pdp/mistana-hillsby-oriental-saffronburnt-orange-area-rug-mtna2928.html?piid= this rug comes in 2 color ways

See that little stool?? That is so I can reach the clothes in the bottom of the washer

Step 7. A rack to dry clothes on

Here was the criteria

  • I had to be able to reach it (I’m only 5’0″
  • had to be sturdy
  • I wanted to blend in
  • It needed to offer sufficient space

As a result we ending up hanging pipe from the ceiling, so it was out of the way, and nobody could bonk there head, but low enough I could reach it.

functional and pretty

Pulling it all together

So Our budget laundry room makeover had many contributors My husband changed out the light, and Ryan the handyman hung the cabinets, built the rolling cabinet, hung the shelves and installed the pipe drying rack. My momma hung the wallpaper because even at her age she is still a bad-ass like that, lastly I painted and did the finishing touches. In short the total cost of our budget laundry room makeover not counting the washer and dryer was about $500.00. I love this little room so much because its not only beautiful but its functional and I almost like doing laundry now…almost

P.S. I painted the cabinet in here just like I did the kitchen here https://eventanddecorconcepts.com/how-to-paint-kitchen-cabinets/

All done and super pretty!

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