This is my blog-ish. Why ish? Because it will come weekly-ish and it will be short-ish and it will be all things home decor-ish.

First, thing you should know is, I’m not what I would call a writer, but I want to share with you, teach you and hopefully inspire you with all things beautiful. 

If I’m really being honest, I wasn’t going to write a blog, I was just going to change my website ALL THE TIME.

That sounds silly, now that I think about it. If  I’m going to do all that work anyway, I might as well try my hand at blogging. So with some encouragement from the wiz that built my website and A LOT of soul searching and digging deep I’m writing a blog!

My hesitation came from being afraid…

What if people don’t read it? What if people think I’m dumb? What if the spelling, grammar and punctuation are a mess? What if I start and don’t follow through ect. But then I thought at least I tried it, if it doesn’t work then I know for sure blogging wasn’t for me.

But if I try something new and scary and I succeed then that is something I can be proud of! I hope you follow along on this little journey of mine, I hope you read my blog and I hope you find inspiration along the way.



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