Beautifully Wrapped Christmas Gifts

It’s that time of year where the Christmas gifts start showing up on the doorstep…here comes Amazon here comes Amazon here comes Amazon right down the lane.

So our porches are covered in boxes or our trunks are full of bags. Congratulations you got all the Christmas bought for all the people and now comes the fun part, WRAPPING!!

For some people they don’t love this part, it can be time-consuming, buying the paper, because you never remember what you have leftover from last year, then there is the cutting of the paper so it fits the box and the tape …where is the tape?? I just bought three rolls of tape… it couldn’t have gone far, I just had it!

You have bought the paper, cut the paper, found the tape, the gift is wrapped. Now comes the bow and a tag, dang!! None of my bows match the paper, oh well! Red matches everything and its festive bam! You are done.

Does any of this sound familiar? I have a little trick up my sleeve for streamlining this process.

Step #1: Buy paper that matches the theme of your tree.

If you have a tree, that is what I call traditional family tree, you know the ones, they have all the ornaments the kids made, first home, that family vacation, and everything in between ornaments on them. Then pick 2-4 colors red, white and green. Gold and white. red, white, black, craft paper brown. You get the idea.

Step #2: Buy ribbon, bows, tags to match the paper you just bought

Step #3: Get a decent pair of scissors and gather or buy tape

Step #4: Find a bowl, box, or basket around your home.

This is where you will keep all of your supplies so you keep track of that darn tape that always goes missing

Step #5: Gather fun Items that will make an interesting “bow”

  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Tree branches
  • Tiny bottle brush trees
  • Yarn/string
  • Faux florals
  • Ornaments you want to give as a gift
  • Pine cones
  • Tree leaves or holly
  • Scrabble pieces this can also double as a name tag
  • Buttons

The idea here is to use what is around your home, no need to buy these items.

Step #6: Now go ahead and get wrapping

I like to wrap all my gifts at once, put a name tag on them and them go back and decorate the gift with bows, ribbons cinnamon sticks ect.

Now that you’ve done the wrapping the tagging and the decorating you have beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts that match your tree and become an extension of your decor.


Next year you don’t have to think about Christmas gift wrap, you already know what you are going to do, chances are you will have plenty leftover from last year, and you will only need to buy maybe like 2-3 rolls in coordinating paper and a few ribbons and bows and you are good to go.

Why does it even matter??

I mean the gifts are wrapped and under the tree. This is true-ish and there is something nostalgic about a hodgepodge of wrapping under the trees. But By taking these steps, it just adds another layer of decor to your home for Christmas. You have to wrap the presents anyway, so why not take advantage of having “free” decor and it looks more sophisticated and pulled together?

The thought behind the gift is the most important thing of all, yes, but there is something special about opening a beautifully wrapped Christmas gift. It Amps up the MAGIC to a whole new level.

So grab a hot cup of coffee, tea or cocoa put on a cheesy yet heartwarming Hallmark movie and get to wrapping.


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