Baking with Kids… is fun?

Baking with kids is fun?…ugh!

Since we have been in quarantine we have been baking up a storm and my 12 year old has been learning to bake and its been really fun! Now, this hasn’t always been the case. Baking with kids is fun! Honestly it was kinda painful for me. She has always loved it, but it used to completely stress me out. I used to dread cooking and baking with her, because of the mess that was created during the process that would take me longer to clean up than the actual project took to make. So I came up with a process to teach her to cook and bake that didn’t stress me out and it was fun for both of us!

Baking with kids, an important life skill.

So when you are teaching your kids how to bake or cook it doesn’t have to be from scratch right off the bat. It’s important to remember you are teaching the basics at first. planning what make, gathering the ingredients, following a recipe, learning to use appliances safely, cleaning up after themselves, Ultimately being able to have an important life skill that will serve them well through their life.

Tips for making baking with kids fun!

  • First things first start with a clean kitchen.
  • Begin with something simple, like a boxed cake mix.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Let the kids gather the ingredients and equipment.
  • I have her measure everything out so when she is ready to put everything together is a dump and pour action.
  • remember we are baking with kids, encourage quality control
quality control
  • If it is age appropriate let them do the scary (for you stuff )like putting things in the oven and teach them to do it safely. This and knife skills were the hardest thing for me to teach her. She is learning safety in the kitchen.
  • take the 20 mins to elevate the experience

If you are looking for a piping set, this looks like a great deal, we got our set from my mom, she was a professional baker for 40 years.

  • teaching her to clean up after her self is probably the smartest thing I have her do. If she knows she has to clean up the mess she is much neater to begin with.

then perhaps the best part…

The satisfaction of baking something yourself never tasted so good!

Good luck and have fun!! Baking with kids is fun!!

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  1. Melissa Bowen on June 25, 2020 at 7:12 pm

    The suggestion of starting kids off baking with a boxed mix is so smart! I’m going to do that with my 12 year old… fingers crossed all goes well! Kudos to Luci on cracking the eggs one handed and no shells left in the bowl!!!

    • Iolanda Gillins on June 25, 2020 at 7:55 pm

      Thank you! it is a great place to start to because its pretty hard to mess up a mix, so they gain confidence when it turns out delicious. thank you for reading!

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