Everyone should feel at home in their home.


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your home or office? Knowing you wanted it to feel “put together,” an extension to reflect the personalities of the people who live there?

Have you ever felt like your home doesn't reflect your style, taste or personality?

Have you ever wondered......what story is your home telling?

Have you ever wanted to host dinner, a party, or even meeting, maybe have your girlfriends over for a glass of wine, but you don’t invite them because you have that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that your home isn't warm, welcoming and styled space you want it to be?

I know exactly how you feel: overwhelmed, unsure, and frustrated with your space.

Iolanda has an eye for design.  She has the ability to walk into a room and within moments can offer several possible ideas. She cares about her clients and offers them excellent options. She works well with in your budget & timeline to bring beauty & warmth to your home or office. 

Alison Byers

Elko, Nevada

I have been a stay at home mom for the last 10 years, and while staying home with my girl was really important to us and we loved our time together, I felt restless in my home. The space felt overwhelming, and I didn't really love being in my home.

I had no clue where to start but the creative side of me was really needing to come out, so I started decorating my home. After all, that's where I spent most of my time.

We wanted a pretty home that reflected our personalities. But we were a single income family during a recession. There was no money to make things pretty. We were determined not to let a little thing like money get in our way, so we put aside $20.00 a week.

I would take my twenty bucks and hit the yard sales and thrift stores. It was a way I could add little touches to our home without breaking the bank, and it forced me to be very creative making the items nobody wanted beautiful AND functional. It might have been a good ol' fashioned scrubbing, it might be a coat or two of spray paint, it might even be thinking of a new purpose, for a tired old piece of junk. It was really fun, something magical started to happen!!

The feeling of being overwhelmed started to dissipate. Slowly, I transformed our home into a space we wanted to spend time and it had an energy of delight. That sounds corny but it is absolutely true. Our home has come a long way from where we started, and I continue to dream up new ways to curate the items in our home so that it’s telling OUR story !

I understand that sometimes decorating your home or office is the last thing on your priority list. Budget, time and lack of vision are all valid reasons but, a redesign can be budget-friendly and fast-ish. My job is to support you and help bring your vision to life.

Are you ready for that dreamy space to rest at the end of your day?

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Let 's Get Started on Your Dream Space



Call or Email me. It costs you nothing to have a conversation with me about your project. On our call, you will tell me what you are looking for. If we decide to take the next step and move forward, we will schedule a face to face consultation at the location of the project.



During our consult, we'll meet in your space, and I'll ask you about:

  • the area of your home you want to start with
  • your lifestyle
  • your budget
  • your timeframe
  • how many people and pets live in your home


After the consult, I'll draw up a customized plan, we'll sign a contract and get started!

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